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events in recent months, last november's bombardments by north korea of a small south korean island has been almost forgotten by boat wider world. two civilians were killed, which sparked fears of a wider conflict. the tragedy remains very fresh for those who were evacuated from the island, some of whom are just getting back to pick up the pieces. >> this restaurant has been lifeless for months. today it is busy again. these are the first diner since north korea attack. it was a lunchtime just like this one when the shell suddenly began to fall outside. in cases across the street is where mrs. lee, the restaurant's owner, used to live with her family. >> suddenly the windows shattered, and i ran out of the house. our neighbors place was already on fire. the fear was that if they attacked again, they would invade the island and take us hostage. there was one time when i woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling, so i locked all the windows. only yesterday there were rumors that north korea would attack, and everybody fled to the bunkers. >> destructive, but seemingly rand
by north korea of a small south korean island has been almost forgotten by boat wider world. two civilians were killed, which sparked fears of a wider conflict. the tragedy remains very fresh for those who were evacuated from the island, some of whom are just getting back to pick up the pieces. >> this restaurant has been lifeless for months. today it is busy again. these are the first diner since north korea attack. it was a lunchtime just like this one when the shell suddenly began to fall outside. in cases across the street is where mrs. lee, the restaurant's owner, used to live with her family. >> suddenly the windows shattered, and i ran out of the house. our neighbors place was already on fire. the fear was that if they attacked again, they would invade the island and take us hostage. there was one time when i woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling, so i locked all the windows. only yesterday there were rumors that north korea would attack, and everybody fled to the bunkers. >> destructive, but seemingly random. buildings were spare all nearby, whole lots were flat
. -- who you ask. given the crush of international events from last november's bombardment of north korea has been almost forgotten. two civilians were killed during the shelling. the tragedy remains very fresh for those who were evacuated from p'yongyang who are now just getting back to the island. nick ravens crocked reports. -- ravenscroft reports. >> this restaurant has been lifeless for months. today, it is busy again. these are the first of diners since north korea attacked. it was lunch time when the shells began to fall outside. 10 bases across the street is aware the restaurant owner used to live with your family. -- her family. >> the windows shattered and i ran out. my neighbor's place was already on fire. the fear is that they will attack again that they will and they did take us hostage. one time i looked in the middle of the night and i had a strange feeling. i locked the windows. it is not just me. yesterday, there were rumors that north korea would attacke . >> buildings were spare but while the nearby home lots were flattened. some want revenge against those who did this.
of the international atomic energy agency has expressed concern about north korea's nuclear program. iaea director general yukiya amano said the agency would be ready to send officials to the country if there is progress at the six-party talks. amano made the remarks at a meeting of the iaea board of governors in vienna on monday. >> the nuclear program of the democratic people's republic of korea remains a matter of serious concern for the northeast asian region and beyond. >> amano also voiced grave concern regarding reports that surfaced last year about the construction of a new uranium enrichment facility. after the meeting amano told reporters the iaea would be willing to play a role in the denuclearization process if there's an agreement at the six-party talks. he said the nuclear watchdog would look into the possibility of inspections in case of such a development. north korea and china are seeking to resume the talks. china is the chair, but the united states, japan and south korea are deeply concerned about the north's uranium enrichment program. they are even considering bringing up the
temporarily disabling them. south korean authorities are eyeing north korea as a possible culprit. >>> 29 websites were simultaneously flooded with massive amounts of data twice on friday. the sites include those of the presidential office, the foreign ministry and major commercial banks. similar attacks occurred in july 2009 targeting government websites in south korea and the united states. computers in the u.s. white house and state department were among those affected. at the time, south korea's intelligence agency said north korea could have been behind the attacks. the agency says friday's activities resembled the 2009 attacks. they cannot rule out the possibility of north korean involvement. the south korean government is urging at-risk organizations to be on the alert against further attacks. >>> the united states is talking with its allies about plans to get the u.n. security council to come down hard on north korea. it's in reaction to the uranium enrichment program of the north. assistant secretary of state philip crowley updated reporters on thursday. it became clear last nove
of again something that was just totally black and white that north korea was responsible for this. and in terms of the prospect of productive military-to-military relationship even government to government relationship -- i mean, to not be able to succeed in able to get a basic baseline of what actually happened there. and in terms of just what impact that's going to have in terms of transit traffic both commercial and military in that part of the world -- i guess i would ask you to comment on that, mr. schiffer, in terms of, you know -- it seems like using that as a test -- i mean, the relationship is not really doing that well. and maybe it's just episodic is the right way to describe it. the second question in terms of readiness is just -- the press reports show that there was clearly a gap there in terms of sonar technology in terms of being able to detect that mini sub and, you know, when you gave your list of investments and help that we're living to our allies to the region, that was one of the items and i didn't hear it and i wonder if you could address that because clearl
are north koreas and irans, they are going to teach. -- if some of them are. -- are north koreas and irans, they are going to cheat. >> montana, wyoming, they are doing a lot of it, and they need to be able to turn on their water, and the water goes on fire, because i guess there might be methane or something coming up, and are we being proactive at all, trying to figure out a safeway -- safe way and not cause a lot of environmental problems? >> as a way of forcing the gas out, using water. it is a relatively new technology. it is less expensive to get the gas out that way, which is why it is very tempting to do. people predicted some of these problems. did it turn out that some of the problems were pollution and some are destabilization? there is work being done, but the whole content of technology raises serious problems here. using fossil fuels, in terms of global warming, it happens that, a, the united states is probably the saudi arabia in terms of natural gas in terms of having reserves. israel has now discovered natural gas resources. after all of these years. so trying to get a pie
now the s reviewed by the likes of, iran, north korea, cuecuba and libya. >>neil: they are judging us? that would be like me going to a fitness center and saying, guys, i want to see more sweat. you are kidding? >>guest: no, this is the u.n., the same process that just brought you a month of delay before they began work on getting serious on the no-fly zone. >>neil: where does it go? they put a report together that says, what are they saying? when it comes to human rights we abuse it? or what? >>guest: libya is concerned about america's treatment of its own indigenous people and north korea is concerned about how we deal with our prisoners. iran is concerned how we deal with everything. and this is a process where procedure trumps actual content and morality. and opens the gates for every rogue human rights abuser to weigh in on a country like the united states and we it is there and we accept some recommendations, reject others but call this debate with a straight face and the final product which we have accepted some of the recommendations and voted on by the human rights council wi
for guarding libya's oil. 2 for informing north korea or 3 for the nascar experience. the winning story is going to air later this hour. >>> false claims about president obama, the latest from possible presidential candidate mike luck bo -- huckabee. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. >>> that is the u.s. military a shuttle bus was attacked by a suspect who is now in custody. a gunman from cosavo. one u.s. military personnel killed. they are look iing the latest, telling us that people witness ed. >> people were actually fired upon citizens of libya as they called for gadhafi to step down. our other story is tax time. it is drawing closer. it is time to think about saving money. it's a good way to do it. you wouldn't believe what some taxpayers are actually trying to claim. i have never heard some of the ones that you will talk about today. someone tried to
warner explores the looming food crisis in north korea. >> they're typically in a chronic situation where they can barely feed their own population, so a big shock like losing half their winter wheat or their barley crops is going to affect their population. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> okay, listen. somebody has got to get serious. >> i think... >> we need renewable energy. >> ...renewable energy is vital to our planet. >> you hear about alternatives, right? wind, solar, algae. >> i think it's got to work on a big scale. and i think it's got to be affordable. >> so, where are they? >> it has to work in the real world. at chevron, we're investing millions in solar and biofuel technologies to make it work. >> we've got to get on this now. >> right now. ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. pacific life-- the power to help you succeed. and by toyota. the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world.
think, is wrong. in the case of north korea, we have gone full circle. president clinton had an agreement to contain the -- the proliferation plan, which was basically renounced by president bush when he came in and i knew -- and i personally know the leader of south korea and he had the sunshine policy toward north korea. his idea was that if the sunshines, people take off their overcoat and open up. it may or may not be true. anyway, that was his policy. he came to this country, he was one of the first visitors trying to quens bush to follow him. colin powell supported him. bush -- it was the first time that bush repudiated colin powell and told the leader of south korea, no, we're going to take a hard-line and we have come full circle. we are depending on the chinese to act as intermediators with north korea. and i think that we can make progress because that is a very, very poor country. very repressive. all regime. but they need outside assistance. and so we are coming back and we are negotiating. so, yes, maybe we'll make progress, but it isn't because of our unilateral
. >> you didn't mention north korea or iran, i thought would be the first two responses to that question. i was taken aback almost. >> they're of great concern. i don't know at this point in time they pose a direct mortal threat to the continental united states. >> which country represents to you that has the intent to be our greatest adversary. who has the intent? >> probably china. >> donald trump is right. >> at the white house, spokesman said that president obama maintained full faith and confidence in clapper. >> he stated what was true. colonel gaddafi is hunkering down. we know that. he made clear we don't view them as a threat. >> director clapper received strong support from two other members of the armed services committee. lieberman and kane who said clapper is doing a "very fine job" and properly gave the committee his honest and straightforward opinion. bret? >> more on this with the panel. thank you. >> the u.s. suspended relations with the libyan embassy in washington as gaddafi forces drove rebels from the key oil port. loyalists used barrages of tank and artillery fire to t
of the world. china's secretive military buildup coupled with north korea's building nuclear ambitions are at the fore front of our strategic posture in asia, however, we must not lose sight of other nontradition gnat threats in the region such as the southern philippines or southern tie land. i hope the witnesses will discuss our pos clur in the asia pacific region through both a military asset framework scwels the soft power frame work. this administration's focus on military to military engagements is very important to establishing a greater cultural understanding and foster stability in our region. in particular, the mill to mill efforts with china i believe can help us avoid misunderstandings that will lead to far greater concerns in the future. so, ladies and gentlemen, i look forward to the testimonies from each of you as i yield back my time. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you for those remarks, and as we discussed prior to hearing, i asked unanimous consent we depart from regular order so members can ask questions during the course of discussion. this provides a round tabl
model shows the plume from the jeezing that north korea reactors -- japanese that nuclear reactors. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama is offering words of ebb couragement and co miss -- encouragement and commiss ration to the japanese people. he says the american people are heartbroken over the disaster in japan and are confident they will rebuild. >>> we're gonna go live to the white house and he is expected to make a statement on the crisis. >>> so far, americans have donated far less money to help the victims of the tsunami and earthquake than they have in other recent disasters. charities in the u.s. have raised $49 million in tsunami for the victims since the tsunami hit. nearly $250 million if in the first week was given to the victims of the indian tsunami back in 2004. expects say it's probably because japan is -- experts say it's probably because japan is viewed as a wealthy country. you can go to ktvu.com. that includes the latest stories and video. >>> the p.u.c. is threatening to fine pg&e after missing a dock deadline. pg&e turned over thousands of the documents
in the u.s. to executions in north korea, iran. the study was released today. the organization encountered 520 executions worldwide last year, a decrease of 25% from 2009, they say, but the numbers don't include china which carries more executions than the rest of the world combined and keeps its numbers secret. amnesty says the united states carried out the fifth highest number of executions in 2010 with a total of 46. 16 states have abolished the death penalty including illinois earlier this year. >>> tomorrow the supreme court will hear arguments on a major lawsuit against walmart. the retail giant wants justices to block a discrimination lawsuit that has become a billion-dollar class action suit. a group of female employees believe they've been paid less than male counterparts and repeatedly passed over for promotions. the supreme court is not deciding on the merits of the case, only whether a class action lawsuit can proceed. a ruling is expected sometime in june. >>> how many people live in new york city? it depends on who you ask. mayor michael bloomberg believes it's a lot more tha
to north korea. he's obviously not the first person who has been urging this. and the crisis seems to be getting worse over there. i mean is there any -- is the review anything other than ondoing at the state department? >> i don't have anything on that. i do know that we have a review. and, you know, the criteria for food aid are if you will apolitical. and they are set on specific set of criteria. but, i can certainly check and see if there's any change in that posture. >> okay. second one is jimmy carter, looks like he's going back to north korea. is he going on behalf of the state department to resume six-party talks? >> that's a fair question, sean. we has been made aware of his trip. i'm not aware though of any plans that we have to talk with him. but he is obviously traveling in a strictly private capacity. i'd refer you to the carter center for any more details. matt? >> why is it obvious that he's traveling in a private capacity? >> because i say obvious a lot. other than that -- >> can you -- >> we have not had any official contact with him other than being informed about
to address the details and it will remain to see if he will satisfy critics. what about north korea? >>pam: that libya the location of between two different fragile countries. will have more with the speech in reaction stay with us at 4 kron 4 news, at 5:00 p.m. coming up.
north korea, and that creates a lot of problems for china, and it does not always handle those problems as well as it should. but i am optimistic about the future of our relationship. >> so good to sit and talk with you. thank you for the education. >> for online video of all "this is america" programs, visit our website, thisisamerica.net. "this is america" is made possible by the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. the american federation of teachers, a union of professionals. poongsan corporation, forging a higher global standard. and the rotondaro family trust, the ctc foundation, afo communications, and the american life tv network.
intelligence chief has blamed north korea in the past four similar attacks. still to come on gmt, like china says it needs to raise its military budget by 12% to more than $91 billion. >> as we've been reporting over the last few weeks, libya is not the only place in the region facing an uncertain future. a wave of uprisings is still sweeping the arab world, to enforce all began in tunisia and egypt. our world affairs correspondent has this report. >> attention is focused on libya and the focus -- and the pressure on colonel gaddafi to go. his forces have confronted a determined opposition. protests are continuing across the middle east, as the wave of popular unrest rumbles across the region. in egypt, the interim prime minister, one of the last appointments by president mubarak, has resigned under pressure still coming from the streets. in egypt, protests have taken place right across the region. in tunisia, and demonstrators have forced the resignation of the prime minister. in bahrain, more street demonstrations. anchor, -- anger, too, in yemen and oman. across the middle east, people ar
, a country the size of north korea is packed with people dying for freedom and dying slowly and not that sexy sort of surface to air missile, and you can't catch it on film because it is not -- they don't have any power or food. but we are going to let those people who are hungry for freedom, what are they going to do, fax him to ask for help? he is clearly responding to a tv situation, and people in other countries that are really hungry for freedom, they are not able to facebook anderson cooper and make sure they are out of news. >> i like the phrase "hungry for freedom." that has to be a springsteen title. >> or ad for freedom fries. >> especially if sar co see leads the effort. >> it is nude hillary clinton is getting to know -- it is good that hill clear clinton is geting to know them. >> it was hard to get here because of the protests. oh wait, that didn't happen. i would like to see some of the things he said on a split spring with what lead up to the iraq war. we can never do this and america cannot be expected and why do we go to this place? and have him say the opposite. >> that's t
.com and an author on books on both china and north korea. good to see you, gordon. you wrote an interesting column today calling for essentially military action on syria and saying there's a good deal of hypocrisy going on here because syria is not the target of military action. why is that? >> well, essentially you have defense secretary gates today admitting that the united states has no vital interest in libya, but we do have a vital interest in syria because syria is an ally of north korea and iran is supplying hamas and hezbollah with support, and so, therefore, it is an evidence of israel and we have a real problem with iran. so without syria, iran becomes especially vulnerable at this moment and, therefore, we have much greater interest in what goes on in syria than in libya? >> so why not syria? >> why not bahrain. >> yeah, why not bahrain. we've been hearing that. why now bahrain and why not yemen? all of these countries, what kind of tension or rift might this cause among nato allies, if any at all? >> i think it will cause a lot of tension. you have 28 nations that act on consensus. the
relations to russia. can you explain why general clapper would not have mentioned iran or north korea? >> i think what he was saying, it goes to the way he is prepped for his statements. he was looking in a broader sense. in looking out over the years, not just a short term with north korea or iran which have much smaller capability to do damage to the u.s. but our threat exists from the very large nuclear stockpiles held by china and russia. i would argue that vice president biden may be touting great relations with russia. i wouldn't take it much further than i could throw it. we have to be cable imagining, you remember president bush's comments how he looked into the soul of putin saying this is man we can work with. russia and china are looking out for their own business interests. we're not all in the best friends club. >> kelly: so is the president right in stand the go by his man? >> i think he is. where she wrong is in this constant effort to course correct. after clapper says something, you know on the surface may sound odd to people that are not inside the intel community, he is t
the objections from north korea. this is a long-term exercise scheduled to run until the end of april. earlier this week, though, north korea threatened to respond to the drills with an all-out war. if there's any provocation. >>> 10 former and current members of a university of maryland sorority are facing assault and hazing charges. so far, prince georges county police have served papers to seven people. the victim says members of the sorority repeatedly punched her and hit her several times with a paddle. the incidents happened last october at different homes. three other maryland fraternities have been forced to suspend new member activities. >>> 5:05 now, some mclean high school rowers are happy to be going to school this morning. two boatsful sank in practice yesterday. the students were treated at children's hospital for exposure to the cold but they're expected to be okay. the coach decided to practice after seeing calm waters near the dock, but the conditions proved to be pretty choppy. >>> now it's time to watch your money. >> jessica doyle is here with the headlines today, a slight
programs and partnerships in every country but north korea. it is essentially flat from 2010 levels. the second part of our request funds the extraordinary temporary portion of our war emplets, the same way that the pentagon's request is funded. in a separate overseas contingency operations account known as o.c. o. we are n reflects our fully integrated military efforts on the ground. our share of the president's $126 billion request for these exceptional wartime costs in the frontline states is $8. billion. let me walk you through a few of our key investments. first this budget funds vital civilian missions in afghanistan, pakistan, and iraq. in afghanistan and pakistan, al-qaeda is under pressure as never before. alongside our military offensive we are engaged in a civilian effort that is helping to build up the government's economies and civil societies of both countries and undercut the insurgenceys. these two surges set the stage for a third, a diplomatic push in support of an afghan process to split the taliban from al-qaeda, bring the conflict to an end, and help stablize the
supports programs and promotions in every country but north korea. it is essentially flat from 2010 levels of. the second part of our request funds the extraordinary temporary portion of our war effort, the same way that the pentagon's request is funded. in a separate overseas contingency operations account known as oco. set a covering our own war expenses to supplemental appropriations, we are taking a more transparent approach that reflects our fully integrated civilian military efforts on the ground. our share of the president's $126 billion request for these exceptional wartime costs in the front line states is $8.7 billion. let me walk you through at you. first, this budget fines vital civilian missions in iran and iraq. in afghanistan and pakistan, al qaeda is under pressure. alongside our military offensive, we are engaged in a major civilian effort that is helping to build up the of bothnt's' economies countries. these two searches, military and civilian, set the stage for a third, a diplomatic push in support of an afghan process to split the taliban from al qaeda, bring the confl
korea has rejected north korea's offer to rejoin talks. earlier in the week in north korea said it was willing to return to the talks and talk about uranium enrichment programs. the foreign minister told reporters the opposite in the office is not sufficient. north korea must show its disarmament commitment to action, not words. >> mark: the couple accused of holding jaycee lee dugard captive for more and in 18 years is due back in court did ongoing negotiations of a plea deal. speculations that the kidnapping, rape, runkel imprisoned cape would be settled against nancy and phil garrido would begin servicing after a couple daly plea deal. and philip is facing four for zero years in prison nancy 180. ----440 years. nice, quiet, try. we'll be right back. >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. what indeed area weather, cold start to the day, waiting for the next storm that is coming tomorrow, rain, wind, rain on and off for the weekend. twitter is agreeing to stay in san francisco if a tax exemption is approved. the company plans to lease offices in the city's main market, if th
but it does not look like the old cold war duck and cover. this. >> i'm its north korea, pakistan, iran, al qaeda or mistakes by our own military not to mention a resurgent russia bang rolled by those high oil prices. as the threat is different so too are the politics. president obama working to get rid of all nukes on this earth through the so-called global zero initiative but officials of the various nuclear powers come together every year to keep their fingers on the trigger and their nuclear money flowing. did you know those that are in favor of nuclear war have their own lobby in our country? interesting. or at least nuclear weapons. with us ron rosenbaum the author of a fascinating book "how the end begins," and ron, what is the biggest real threat? >> well, you know, it's a sort of a privilege in a way at this point, not a privilege but it's our one chance this japan thing. this libya thing. to remind us that nuclear weapons are not just nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons can kill 20 million people at a time. imagine if colonel gadhafi had nuclear weapons which he might have. he only
to detect particles that occurred when there was nuclear testing devices that were exploded in north korea. >> reporter: coming up berkeley and san francisco aren't the only cities that are taking precautions when it comes to gauging radiationful we'll touch base with another east bay city. they are informing their residents. we'll explain how coming up. reporting live from berkeley this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there are no threats of a tsunami this morning, but there was another earthquake that hit overnight in the pacific ocean. the magnitude 6.5 quake struck near the island nation. no serious injuries or damage have been reported but it is in the pacific ring of fire in the arc of earthquake faults around the pacific ocean where most of the world's earthquakes and volcanic activity occur. >>> time now 6:05. in other news an accomplished big wave surfer has died at one of the bay area's best known surfing beaches. claudine wong has more now on when the surfer went under and the frantic efforts to save him. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we've been trying to ge
casino when it hit a signpost cutting the bus in half. fifteen people were killed. >>> north korea says it is willing to talk about its newly disclosed uranium enrichment program if long-stalled newer lack disarmament talks resume. north korean officials conveyed such a portion earlier this month. >>> trying to avoid a government shutdown, the house is about to vote on a plan to keep the government running. and lawmakers are voting later this morning on a bill that cuts $6 billion from the federal budget the bill has to pass to stop a shutdown at midnight friday. some say this is the last short- term spending bill they will support. the white house and republicans are still trying to work out a long-term agreement on spending cuts. >>> the lawmaker who september a shirtless picture of himself online is sending back campaign donations. former new york republican congressman chris lee is also sending letters of apology. in it, he says, quote, you make no excuses for my behavior. it was wrong. the buffalo news got one of the letters he sent to 1100 1100 donors. >>> the organization that a
the pentagon chief will meet with russian leaders. >> mark: north korea or and south korea of deadly. sucks up such a up are escalating tensions and that could trigger an unspecified deadly real retaliation. south korea sent the now i the accusations of coming near the borders. they say they have only parole that area. a >> darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. a life peek at mt. tam clouds of the distance. >> george: a back up at the bay bridge, and two steals on this began. traffic is backed up to macarthur maze. >> darya: if you're headed up to a heavenly, or somewhere in toronto, union sheens, they had raised over the weekend as well. >> mark: watching wall street a big rebound aware one official said right now, dow was up almost 200 points. best over the 12,000 mark. everybody excited about acquisition of team mobil by at&t. >> darya: we will be back in just a couple of minutes, think you for waking up with the kron 4 and morning news. here is the shot for you. we have had some breaks but we are getting a bit of a break in the rain in san francisco.
is north korea, is china and these are countries we've had our difficulty with. >> japan has stepped in to help with the united states on several issues. plus he says it's just the right thing to do. >>> still more amateur video is emerging from japan tonight showing the tsunami that swept away entire cities. this is video shot in mioko city. the moment the tsunami barrelled through the narrow bay and sent ships crashing into highway overpasses. the water carried houses, cars and debris up to ten miles inland. 9500 people in one northern town alone are missing which gives you a sense of why leaders are expecting the death toll to climb above 10,000. we'll have much more on the devastation in japan throughout this newscast. nbc news is airing a special edition of "dateline" live from japan. lester holt in is tokyo and ann curry is on her way to sendai. that's coming up at seven:00. we'll also check back with george kiriyama who's in japan later this hour and we'll have a report from japan on the desperate search for survivors there. >>> right now we'll change it up a little bit and ch
, 3s, 5s and 6s there were 10s, 12s, 20s, 21s, 22s. >> iran, north korea, china, a number of other places around the world. >> right. venezuela. so they're in the process of purchasing some of these advanced weapons systems. that then calls for a different capability in the context of the aircraft that you're going to require to be able to execute a no-fly zone. this is where fifth-generation aircraft like f-22 and f-35 become very, very important. >> and successor for the b-2 whatever that program is going to be. >> that's correct. >> sir, you on. you're welcome back anytime. >>> defense secretary robert gates' latest budget-cutting memo, is it new or >>> in a recent memo, defense secretary robert gates detailed cuts totaling $13 billion, a small slice of the $178 billion in savings over the next five years that he and his team announced earlier this year. among the cuts including shedding a 102 general officers and 1,000 contractors. southern command will cut back on exercises in latin and south america starting next year while the transportation command will take control of air
and replaced dialogue so now north korea are the invaders. #w* that country there is nothing to be gained financially. it is as lieu craw testify as a kathy griffin porn site. color me unsurprised. hollywood may be where dreams are made, but it is also where wimps are cultivated. look who they chose seven years after 9/11. the chinese. how is that for coward december. -- cowardess. they hand you radical islam and you choose a country that makes your tennis shoes? the paper says it illustrates how much sway china has in the global entertainment industry. an mgm spokesman says no one spoke to the chinese government. i guess they gave in without a fight which makes you wonder how quickly they would fold when faced with a real threat. the kids from the original "red dawn" would be disgusted. i look forward to their remake of the china syndrome. i hear their new title is "tibet sucks." if you disagree with me, you sir are worse than hitler. >> good to see you again. glad to see you mugged travis. >> i get a lot of compliments on this one. >> usually from the cabdrivers. do you blame mgm for wo
is going on in north korea. we have a lot of reason to support our neighbor, which japan is a very close ally and a neighbor, across a long distance of water. so i know we have a lot of military and especially navy, significant military presence in the region. you will see our navy take significant steps to help. because these first few hours and days will be extremely important. >> judging by these pictures, they are going to need all the help they can get. >> reporter: absolutely. >> we will be stepping in. adam, we would like you to stay on the line. we got new information. we heard from the japanese prime minister who spoke just a moment ago. we want to hear what he had to say. >> this is prime minister... the government will do everything possible to minimize the damage. tell do its utmost. the government will put its friends together and work hard in tackling this disaster. we therefore ask the people of japan to exercise the spirit of fraternity, help each other and to act fast. and to help one's family and neighbors. we should all help each other, to minimize the damage. we ask y
in the government so nervous. there are happy outcomes of this and north korea and philippines and iran. a place where a revolution began in 1979 that many thought would be turn out to be a more democratic kind of government and for the first year looked like something we could work with and the last 30 -- >> david, wouldn't it be the case though if the united states failed to intervene and terrible things happen and qaddafi in some way survived that we would bear responsibility for that outcome also? when you're the united states of america, you bear responsibility abroad for regardless of what you do because of the enormous power we have to affect situations. i don't think that -- whatever we do our failure to have act order having acted wrongly will make us a part of this story. i would add, i think davids a right even make the point more dramatically i think the uprisings in the arab world are for strategically and morally the single most exciting development for the united states since the collapse of communism in the eastern europe and the soviet union and nothing has equalled the potentia
statements about china and russia by saying you know, for me, iran and north korea come to mind first. certainly not china and russia. and clapper says well, iran and north korea are of great concern but i don't know if at this time they pose a direct mortal threat to the u.s. it may come as news to china, who we just met with and had a big how do you do for. we consider them a mortal threat, our biggest mortal threat, more than iran, who we don't even have diplomatic relations with. >> i mean, you could see the shock in chairman levin's face and in his voice when he asked those followup questions, saying that answer surprised me more than the first answer surprised me. this is the person who oversees and is essentially the top of the intelligence chain. and you know, after his interview with diane sawyer where he didn't know about the london raids that day, that raised some eyebrows, then the secular muslim brotherhood comment, that raised some eyebrows. this may be raising more than eyebrows. this may be pushing action. and we'll see what the administration has to say about this to
to send information about the uprising into north korea by balloon next week. north korea has threatened to retaliate by firing at border towns. dozens of homes are teetering on a mountainside in bolivia after a massive mudslide that'sle still active. more than 400 homes crashed to the ground completely wiping out seven neighborhoods. the bank hsbc suspended home foreclosures in the united states after a government review found there were problems with the paperwork on some of the earlier foreclosures. the girl scouts will be able to continue selling cookies outside the savannah, georgia, home of the organizer's founder. a complaint was filed this year because the scouts were violating an ordinance against street sales. >>> now that time has turned flower children into grandparents, the hippy favorite the volkswagen minibus has been given a makeover. it features an electric motor and uses an ipad to control the entertainment system. does it have big flowers though? it's 8:03. now outside for a check of the weather with al. didn't you love that minibus, al? >> i always wanted one. now i c
in office qadhafi would rank in the top five, six or seven with the leadership in syria, iran and north korea and venezuela. countries where the leadership is obviously repressive. violently anti-u.s.. terribly harmful to us, what we are trying to do in the case of syria and iran. harmful to what we are trying to do in iraq and afghanistan. you want those people out. the world will be a better place if they were out. on the other hand, the -- no one thought qadhafi was a democrat. but it was a very big deal that he ended his nuclear program. the last thing you want is 5 in a case like this him having nuclear weapons. >> greta: are you sure he doesn't have them? >> yes. the inspectors went in, watched the dismantlement of his program. people verified it. i have no question in my mind but that he did have a nuclear program and he does not today. >> greta: he doesn't have two the one that he dismantled for us and still have another one? >> i doubt it. >> greta: you don't know about biological or chemical? >> i would be reasonably sure he probably would have chemical weapons. i don't have a
with gordon chang now. he's one of our regulars and author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world." madeleine albright says the noose can be tightened around gadhafi. do you agree? >> i certainly do. one thing we can do is talk to regime elements and get them to split off from gadhafi, isolate them and certainly with the embargo being tightened there are all sorts of maneuvers that can be and should be taken and they should be taken very soon. >> does nato have the stomach for a month's long campaign in libya? how long can this be sustained? >> that's a great question. and it very well may have to be more than a month. as secretary gates said earlier today, this could end up taking the rest of this year or even longer. nato is 28 countries and have to act by consensus. and right now it was pretty fragile and it was a lot of diplomacy on the part of the obama administration to get nato to this point. and certainly we've got a long way to go. so i think that nato has got to prove itself. it's not doing that well in afghanistan. it's got to do better in libya. >> and you
elected and he or god forbid she decided to attack north korea because kim jong il is brutalizing his people without consulting the congress. i'm afraid that precedent that is being established here. >> would it bother you should there be a satisfying resolution to all of this, it does not last very long, might everyone be saying, i'm glad we went? >> well, look, i'm glad that anytime there is a cessation of suffering for innocent the people. but the question becomes what's next and what have we accomplished if the rebel government instead of gadhafi? there may be a coaching argument that it does. i just haven't heard it yet. >> okay. robert andrews, thank you so much. >> thank you. >>> a new crackdown today as more protests spread acrosshe wold. have rorcoming
of the protests in the middle east to try to encourage protests in north korea. they say they will bombard the north with propaganda material including video of the protests of the middle east. north korean leaders say they consider such propaganda 0 an take on its government. >>> also new from overseas, a high profile pakistani leader is dead after being attacked by three gunmen. pakistan's government minister for religious noirs was on his way to work in the capital of islamabad when the attack happened. he was part of pakistan's christian community and had urged reform of the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call important the death pen fault for insulting islam. >>> this morning students at one fairfax county high school are expected to walk out of class to protest state cuts to education funding. students at lake braddock secondary school in burke will walk out at 8:50. the lake brad don't chapter of students for a democratic society is organizing the demonstration. >> former d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee will be back in town today for a screening of a popular
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